Sarawak Allocates RM4 Million for Sungai Tujoh ICQS Upgrade, Eyes Multiple Entry System

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Sarawak Premier Responds to Increasing Cross-border Traffic

In an endeavor to address the upsurge of cross-border traffic from Brunei to Malaysia, Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Abang Johari Tun, the Premier of the Sarawak government, has disclosed a RM4 million scheme. The financial commitment from the Sarawak government is aimed at enhancing the facilities at the Sungai Tujoh Immigration, Customs, Quarantine, and Security (ICQS) Complex.

Proposed Systems for Streamlining the Flow of Visitors

The Premier’s initiative primarily targets the implementation of a multiple entry-point system that will effectively organize the influx of visitors. The plan could potentially involve incorporating separate entry points for guests from Brunei and foreigners, while a different access point would be allotted to Malaysians. The implementation of these measures is intended to alleviate the congestion issues.

Interim Upgrades – a Necessity

Abang Johari pointed out the necessity for such interim improvements, as the new complex project is currently aligned with the 13th Malaysia Plan. As the increase in travel includes visitors from countries such as Japan and Korea, who often fly to Miri via Royal Brunei Airline, efficient border management plays a key role.

Uniform Setup and Tech Enhancements for ICQS Facilities

  • Abang Johari also emphasized the importance of a uniform setup extending across the northern region’s ICQS facilities. This anticipation comes in preparation for an anticipated further increase in visitors after the completion of the Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Hajah Saleha Bridge, which forms a connection from Brunei to Limbang.
  • The completion of this bridge is expected to bring about a considerable reduction in travel time, thus promoting more cross-border visits.
  • In addition to infrastructural improvements, the Premier’s plan also involves technological enhancements for the management of visitor data. The primary goal is to guarantee a seamless and efficient journey for visitors crossing the borders.

This strategic initiative from the Sarawak Premier demonstrates the proactive approach of the government in managing the increased cross-border travel and ensuring a smooth transit experience for all its visitors.