Five Fishermen Rescued from Fiery Ordeal Off Penghu, Investigation Underway

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Taiwan Fishing Boat Fire: Crew Rescued and No Casualties Reported

Information sourced directly from our correspondents reveals a fire incident that took place on a Taiwanese fishing boat. This event unfolded off the coast of Penghu, an island county in Taiwan, on March 6th. The boat, named “Chan Cheng Hung,” found itself in dire trouble approximately 2.8 nautical miles to the west of Hujing Island.

The Incident

The fishing boat became engulfed in flames in an unexpected turn of events, forcing all onboard to evacuate quickly. Our source confirmed that there were five crew members on the boat at the time of the incident: four Taiwanese nationals and one fisherman from the Philippines. However, despite the sudden terror of the circumstances, every crew member was able to safely leave the boat.

The Rescue

In this terrifying situation, a ray of hope was found in the form of a second boat nearby. The crew of this boat valiantly took up the mantle of rescuers, pulling the evacuation members of the burning fishing boat to safety. They managed this heroic feat and got all persons to safety before the Coast Guard Administration (CGA) arrived at the scene of the incident.

The Aftermath

Following the rescue, CGA officers took control of the situation, extinguishing the fire that had engulfed the “Chan Cheng Hung”. Once the flame was under control and extinguished entirely, the burnt wreck of the boat was towed back to its starting point, Magong Harbor.

Inquiry Into The Incident

Although everyone involved in the incident is safe, the cause of the fire remains a mystery. An investigation into the incident is actively ongoing to determine what sparked the disastrous fire. We will continue to provide updates on any developments as they become available directly from our source.

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