Delhi Police Uncover Syndicate Selling Indian SIMs to Vietnam for Gaming, Social Media Profits

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Illegal SIM Card Syndicate Uncovered at IGI Airport: Four Arrested

Our source reports that an intricate network involved in the illicit dealing and export of SIM cards to Vietnam has been discovered by the Delhi Police at Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport. Four individuals have subsequently been apprehended.

Unveiling the Covert Operations

The illicit operation was unearthed after the Operations Manager of FedEx Courier at the IGI Cargo Terminal lodged a complaint. The shipment, masked for Vietnam, appeared suspicious and upon investigation, it was discovered to contain 500 hidden SIM cards. Our trusted source informed us that these SIM cards were fraudulently obtained from unsuspecting individuals in Agra, Uttar Pradesh on the premise of assisting in meeting sales goals.

The Plot Thickens: Payment through Banned Currency App

Our investigative team has determined that the elaborate simulation involved a sales network. This nefarious network sees these SIM cards eventually reaching Vietnam following their sale. This operation was notably linked with the Binance cryptocurrency app, a trading platform that currently sits on the Indian government’s blacklist. This notorious trading platform is famed for its ties to money laundering activities.

The Purpose: Boosting Social Media Engagement

Further delving into the ploy revealed the original intent behind this complicated operation. It appears these SIM cards were intended to hike the level of engagement on social media platforms. The preferred method was to artificially increase likes and followers on selected accounts, our source reveals.

The Suspects: Various Players in the Scene

The four individuals implicated and subsequently arrested in connection to this fraudulent activity include Mukul Kumar, Hemant, Kanhaiya Gupta, and Anil Kumar. Further investigations are ongoing to unearth any other potential complicity in the syndicate.

  • Mukul Kumar
  • Hemant
  • Kanhaiya Gupta
  • Anil Kumar
  • As The Reader Wall news website continues to receive updates from our source about this ongoing investigation, more information will be disclosed.

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