Renovation Progressing at Disneyland’s New Orleans Square Train Terminal

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Disneyland’s New Orleans Square Railroad Station Undergoes Renovations

Our source confirms that at the heart of Disneyland, the esteemed New Orleans Square Railroad Station is currently closed due to ongoing refurbishments. Consequently, it has become temporarily inaccessible as a point of embarkation and disembarkation for patrons of the city’s famed Disneyland Railroad. While the station remains closed for remodeling, the ride nevertheless continues to function, albeit with a single station less for passengers to get on and off from.

Extensive Refurbishments in Progress

Our sources indicate that these renovations at the station are a part of broader construction and refurbishment work taking place in the vicinity, including enhancements at Tiana’s Palace. Despite being closed, the Disneyland Railroad still halts briefly at the revamped station for two reasons: one, to refill water for the locomotives and two, to adhere to the strict timing regimen of the Disneyland Railroad service.

Life Goes On in New Orleans Square

While the famed railroad station undergoes refurbishment, the rest of New Orleans Square continues to welcome visitors. Detour signs have been put up to guide visitors to other attractions, restrooms, and dining establishments. Popular destinations like the Mint Julep Bar, Pirates of the Caribbean and the Hungry Bear Restaurant remain functional, continuing to gift visitors a memorable slice of Disneyland magic. Shopping afficionados can also bask in the irresistible experience offered by shops on Royal Street and Orleans Street.

Large-Scale Enhancements to Haunted Mansion Grounds

Our source reports that these refurbishments and temporary closures are actually part of a grander plan, promising to reinvigorate and expand the Haunted Mansion grounds. Upgrades reportedly include a fresh outdoor queue area, a sprawling garden, a greenhouse, a fountain, a gazebo, and a one-of-a-kind themed store. In anticipation of these upcoming enhancements, the Haunted Mansion has been enshrouded with themed walls exhibiting a ‘Corruptible Mortal States’ gallery of lenticular art, offering a sneak peak to curious visitors. Concurrently, while the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland Park stays closed, another refurbishment project has commenced at Grizzly Peak, a part of Disney’s California Adventure.

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