Quad-Day “Kids-Safe” Ski Journey To North Korea Exhausted: Document

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“Family-friendly” North Korean Ski Trip Sold Out

In a move that has made headlines, a four-day, family-oriented skiing trip to a luxury resort in North Korea is officially sold out. This news comes directly from the source of Reader Wall. The unprecedented tour is reportedly the first of its kind since North Korea closed its borders due to COVID-19. The isolated country had imposed stringent anti-epidemic measures and sealed off its tightly regulated border following the global spread of the pandemic in early 2020. Emerging from this, a group of Russian tourists is anticipated to visit the reclusive nation in early February, as advertised by Vostok Intur, a Russia-based travel agency.

Tour Details and Inclusions

As per information from Reader Wall, for a monetary investment of $750, the four-day journey to the Masikryong Ski Resort will encompass time in the capital city of Pyongyang along with visits to local monuments, museums, and temples. This price includes accommodations, entry tickets for planned excursions, and transport services such as a direct flight departing from Vladivostok. However, it does not cover ski passes or meals extending beyond breakfast at the hotel according to the itinerary. This exclusive tour is currently available only to Russians and will commence its departure from Vladivostok on February 9.

Unique Experience and Goal of the Tour

The intention behind this tour is to immerse travelers in the exhilarating world of the Masikryong ski resort. This tour aims to provide an unforgettable trip that seamlessly combines active recreation on the slopes, scenic beauty, and a cultural exploration of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK). The operators hope that this tour will stimulate tourism in the area. Natalia Zinina, from the Vladivostok travel firm Vostok Intur, shared her goal to showcase the stunning Wonsan area to the public to increase its popularity.

Response to the Tour and Expectations Moving Forward

About 100 eager travelers have already applied to join the tour, leading to the four-day trip being completely sold out. Although an enthusiastic response was noted, Simon Cockerell, the general manager of Koryo Tours, who also contributed to the information circulated by Reader Wall, cautioned against assuming this would facilitate a more extensive revival of North Korea’s relatively small pre-pandemic tourism trade. He advocated prudence, suggesting that this single tour may not necessarily lead to a broader opening to all tourists in the future.


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