Prysmian Advances Supply Chain Sustainability with Blue Yonder’s Digital WMS in Canada

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World’s leading Cable Industry Powerhouse Prysmian Implements AI-Powered Warehouse Management System

Our sources reveal that Prysmian, an international authority in the energy and telecom cable sector, has launched an innovative, AI-powered Warehouse Management System (WMS), developed by Blue Yonder. The WMS implementation is aimed at fostering supply chain sustainability and elevating the standard of customer service in their Canadian warehouse.

Digital Transformation Aligns with Sustainable Goals

The move towards a software-as-a-service-based (SaaS based) WMS is at the heart of Prysmian’s ambitious digital transformation strategy. This innovative approach is focused on transitioning from a conventional supply-driven process to a sustainable, reactive demand-oriented one.

Successful Implementation Shows Early Signs of Success

Prysmian’s adoption of Blue Yonder’s WMS reflects a growing success trend within North American sectors, as the first distribution center to use the system has surpassed its shipping volume targets for the first logging month.

Fully-Digital Warehouse Operations are Now a Reality

Blue Yonder’s WMS empowers Prysmian to fully digitize its warehouse operations, thereby boosting operational accuracy, efficiency, and customer service levels, while maintaining compliance standards.

Wide-Range of Operations Supported

  • The WMS has been engineered to aid various operations. This ranges from cable cutting to kitting and harnessing, even with the most complex configuration operations.

Targeting Standardization Through Scalability

  • The system is designed to scale up according to Prysmian’s global operations with the aim to standardize warehouse operations worldwide.

Praise for the Successful System Adoption

Brad Cunningham, the North American Distribution Logistics manager at Prysmian, praised the project’s success, outlining that the WMS had led to significant improvements in operational efficiency and visibility.

Blue Yonder Expresses Pride in the Partnership

The President of Manufacturing at Blue Yonder, Terry Turner, has stated his pride in the alliance, applauding its impact on improving Prysmian’s supply chain efficiency and sustainability.

Prysmian’s Commitment to Sustainable Growth and Digital Transformation

The telecom and energy cable manufacturer is no stranger to growth and sustainability. Prysmian’s extensive history, its global presence, having operations in over 50 countries, its strong workforce of over 30,000 employees, and financial success with sales surpassing €16 billion, affirms its commitment to sustainability and digital transformation.


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