Prague Terminal Enhances Traveler Enjoyment with Fresh Dining and Drink Stores

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Prague Airport Takes Flight with Culinary Transformation

Recently reported by Reader Wall, Prague Airport is upping their game with an extension of 14 brand new food and beverage outlets across Terminals 1 and 2. The renovation, executed by Lagardère Travel Retail, will cover an impressively large area of 13,00 square meters. According to our sources, this change is part of a broader gastronomic shift that aims to bring about both infrastructural modifications and a chic, modern makeover.

A Tantalizing Array of New Additions

The latest additions to the airport’s gastronomic roster include the health-driven bistro, Natoo, the luxurious Italian-themed Bottega Prosecco Bar & Restaurant, and Bageterie Boulevard, a local Czech delight. With the introduction of these establishments, Prague Airport now boasts of 85 business units in total, of which 36 are dedicated to enhancing the airport’s culinary portfolio.

More Than Just Good Food

Prague Airport isn’t simply focusing on its food and beverage aspect. The airport also aims to augment the entire pre-departure experience for its passengers. This includes plans to establish a brand new walk-through duty-free zone in Terminal 2. Such a strategic endeavor is targeted at satisfying the increasing demands of its passengers and enhancing the overall pre-departure ambiance.

Keeping the Customers at the Helm

Jiří Pos, the Chairman of Prague Airport, elucidated the significant role these advancements play. He stated that these changes were reflective of the airport’s long-standing strategy to diversify its trade options and cater to the changing demands of its passengers. Staying true to the airport’s commitment, Pos emphasized that the goal is to provide a welcoming and relaxed environment for customers before they embark on their journey.

Bottom Line

  • The 14 new additions to Prague Airport’s food and beverage outlets come courtesy of Lagardère Travel Retail.
  • They’re spanning a spacious 13,00 square meter space.
  • Natoo, Bottega Prosecco Bar & Restaurant, and Bageterie Boulevard mark some of the latest gastronomic entrants.
  • These changes aim to push the total number of businesses in the airport to 85, with 36 specifically in the food industry.
  • Amidst gastronomic updates, the airport is also planning to open a walk-through duty-free zone for enhanced pre-departure experiences.
  • These changes align with the airport’s commitment to respond to changing passenger requirements and diversify their trade options, according to Jiří Pos.
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