Philippines labels ICC’s narcotics violence investigation ‘danger to sovereignty’, refuses collaboration

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Philippine Administration Declines to Support ICC’s Ongoing Investigation

On a recent Tuesday, Ferdinand Marcos Jr, the presumptive Philippine president, articulated that the government of the Philippines will abstain from providing assistance for the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) ongoing inquiry into an aggressive anti-drug movement. He denounced this investigation as an assault on the country’s sovereignty. This all comes from the Reader Wall’s reliable news source.

Marcos’ Statement

Refreshing his prior stance, Ferdinand Marcos Jr told the press, “I look at this as a breach of our sovereignty. Hence, the Philippine government won’t lend any support to any investigation that the ICC undertakes.”

ICC’s Investigation and Manila’s Appeal

In the month of July, the ICC overruled Manila’s plea, allowing the probe into several killings that took place during the ‘war on drugs’ which was spearheaded by ex-President Rodrigo Duterte, as well as other alleged human rights abuse to progress.

Government’s Standpoint

Marcos added that while ICC investigators have the freedom to come as ordinary visitors, the government will withhold any assistance. This statement by Marcos comes in on the heels of his justice minister’s comments given to the media the previous week, suggesting the possible contemplation of an ICC investigation by the government, provided proper legal procedures are respected. However, Duterte’s team disputed this perspective, labeling it illegal.

Philippines’ Departure from ICC

The Philippines officially seceded from the international tribunal in 2019 when Duterte, the then President, questioned its jurisdiction to investigate the crusade against illicit drugs which resulted in the loss of thousands of lives.

Police Narrative

According to police reports, 6,200 suspects who resisted arrest were killed during Duterte’s anti-drug campaign. However, the total number of individuals involved in the illegal drug trade who were killed runs into several thousands more. These deaths, the law enforcement bodies contend, resulted from vigilante actions.

Accusations against the Police

Rights organizations along with some victims allege the police of methodical cover-ups and executions, accusations strongly denied by the police officers.

Marcos Reconsiders Philippines’ Return to ICC

In November, Marcos revealed that he was contemplating bringing the Philippines back to the ICC despite declaring months earlier that he would sever ties with the court.


This information was gathered from multiple agencies.

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