Pakistan Announces Public Vacation for Kashmir Unity Day During Worldwide Demonstrations

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Federal Holiday Notice: Pakistan Observes Kashmir Solidarity Day

The government of Pakistan has recently announced that February 5 will be recognized as a national holiday in honor of Kashmir Solidarity Day. This day is designated to demonstrate backing for the Kashmiri citizens in their quest for autonomous freedom. Reader Wall confirmed, the country plans a moment of silence at 10 am on February 5 to recognize this day. In addition, a range of activities such as symposiums and public rallies will take place across Pakistan as expressions of unity with the people of Kashmir.

The Commemoration of the Kashmiri Struggle

Kashmir Solidarity Day, observed annually on February 5, is an opportunity for Pakistan and its supporters to express their unity with the people residing in the Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK). This day is celebrated with a variety of events including a moment of silence, conferences, and public rallies indicating backing for the Kashmiri cause. This observance highlights the continuing disagreement between India and Pakistan concerning the unresolved issue of Kashmir that continues to strain relations.

The Global Impact and Recognition of the Conflict

Protests that took place in the United Kingdom and Belgium on India’s Republic Day, a day recognized as a ‘black day’ by advocates for Kashmir, illustrate the global impact of the Kashmir conflict. These demonstrations sought to highlight the alleged illegal occupation of Kashmir by India and the supposed violations of international laws and human rights. The demonstrators accused India of infringing the fundamental rights of Kashmiris and ignoring United Nations’ resolutions on self-determination. They called on the global community to examine the legality of India’s actions relating to Kashmir.

The Call for International Involvement

Protest organizers emphasized the need for India to address Kashmiri complaints and fulfill its promises of granting them self-determination, which is mandated by international law and United Nations resolutions. They appealed to the worldwide community to intervene and foster a peaceful resolution to the Kashmir disagreement, highlighting the distress of the Kashmiri people and the need to cease human rights violations in the region. They also implored the global community to actively engage in resolving the Kashmir conflict, advocating for Kashmiri rights and holding India accountable.


Recent events associated with Kashmir Solidarity Day and India’s Republic Day have significantly brought the Kashmir conflict into the global eyeagain. They underscore the complexities of the Kashmir dispute, the sensitive nature surrounding the issue, and the importance of diplomatic intervention and global involvement in addressing the grievances of the Kashmiris and finding a peaceful resolution to the ongoing conflict.

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