North Red Sea Zone Council Evaluates Development, Establishes Upcoming Aims

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Assembly Scrapbooks Northern Red Sea Region’s Past and Future Development Plans

The Northern Red Sea Region Assembly has recently set the stage for propelling the region’s continual growth and development. In its 19th regular session, the regional assembly brainstormed successes and challenges from last year and strategized plans for the forthcoming year. This significant session held in Massawa served as a platform for discussions about the region’s ongoing progress and future aspirations.

Community Empowerment: The Path to Development

The chairperson of the assembly, Ibrahim Ali Sheik, prominently advocated for improving community engagement in developmental policies. He insisted on elevating community contributions in various sectors such as education, healthcare, agriculture, environmental preservation, besides maintaining regular water supply. The chairperson stressed the power of collective public involvement as an essential factor in accelerating the region’s growth and prosperity.

Reflecting on Yesteryear Projects and Planning Ahead

The Assembly devoted a significant chunk of the session to reflect upon the earlier projects implemented and their progress. Projects which ensured access to drinking water, healthcare facilities, educational services, agricultural advancements, and environment conservation were discussed. The community’s exceptional participation in upgrading amenities and supporting underprivileged sections was celebrated. This analysis helped comprehend previous accomplishments and paved the way for prospective projects.

Charting the Course for Development and Preservation

The session resulted in a plethora of suggestions aimed at boosting public involvement in conservation and developmental initiatives. Recommendations such as upgrading social services, combating water shortage, launching greening campaigns and promoting sporting activities were shortlisted. Governor Asmeret Abraha underscored the significance of revamping existing and adding new agricultural infrastructure by 2024. This initiative was highlighted as the crucial stepping stone needed to attain plausible and sustainable development in the region.

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