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The Latest Addition to the Culinary Sphere: Press at the Atrium

Come experience our latest culinary endeavor situated right in the heart of downtown. The Press at the Atrium welcomes you with open arms, offering a wide variety of food options – from scrumptious flatbreads to quick and easy grab-and-go items. What’s more, our comprehensive catering service serves delicious meals round the clock, catering both to your breakfast and lunch needs. Press at the Atrium operates from Monday to Friday, with breakfast service from 8 to 10 a.m. and lunch service from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Accessibility round the Clock

Recognizing the unique needs of night-shift workers or those merely seeking a quick bite at any hour of the day, we make sure that our pre-prepared food items like wraps and sandwiches are readily available. This unmatched 24/7 service availability is in sync with our unswerving dedication to cater to our esteemed patrons day in and day out.

Experience Dining at an Exquisite Location

We are not simply a food establishment. We value the entire dining experience, and our location is testament to that claim. With Press at the Atrium situated on the first floor of the Atriums office buildings at 201 East Fourth Street, we present splendid views of the Great American Ball Park. And, when the weather allows, our outdoor seating area makes for a perfect combination of pleasing aesthetics and satisfying gastronomy.

A New Definition of Convenience

Katie Parnell, our revered General Manager, acknowledges the emphasis we put on our catering services and the convenience we strive to offer all downtown workers. Our new venture strengthens the framework built by our sister concern, Press on Monmouth, which started the journey in 2016 at Newport and since became renowned for its box lunches and hot catering services. With Press at the Atrium, we are excited to carry forward this glorious legacy, serving the downtown crowd by matching their fast-paced lifestyle with our convenient and diverse food options.

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