Mike Nielsen’s Guitar Mastery Lights Up Linenhall, Castlebar: A Week of Musical and Dramatic Delights

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Exciting Line-up of Events at The Linenhall Arts Centre

Castlebar’s Linenhall Arts Centre is slated to host an array of compelling events this upcoming month, directly from our sources. Audiences can anticipate a diverse cultural experience including music performances, drama, workshops, and literary discussions.

Acclaimed Musician Mike Nielsen’s Performance and Workshop

One of the highlights includes esteemed Irish musician, Mike Nielsen, who will be gracing the centre with his genre-defying guitar expertize on March 7th. Nielsen is renowned for his unique blend of different music styles and his inventive prowess on the guitar. His performance promises a mesmerizing experience of original compositions that draw inspiration from a variety of genres.

Apart from his live performance, young music enthusiasts have the opportunity to participate in a workshop spearheaded by Nielsen himself. This uniquely interactive event will offer young guitarists valuable insights into enhancing their own performances.

‘Trawled – When Adventure Becomes Survival’

Following Nielsen’s performance, audiences can look forward to “Trawled – When Adventure Becomes Survival”, a captivating one-man bio drama by Eoin Ryan. The riveting performance provides an emotional and immersive look into Ryan’s true survival story aboard a prawn trawler in Australian waters. The narrative, packed with intrigue and suspense, transports the audience directly into Ryan’s high stakes journey from adventure to life-threatening struggle.

Irish Literary Dialogue on Cycling

Adding another dimension to the programmed events, enthusiasts of literature can join Padraic O’Cuinn and Dáithí Ó Braonain in an engaging discussion about their favourite cycling books. Held in Irish, the discussion offers another interesting element to the Seachtain na Gaeilge celebrations, further highlighting the Linenhall Arts Centre’s commitment to a broad range of cultural offerings.

A Rich Cultural Experience

These eclectic events at The Linenhall Arts Centre aspire to enrich and diversify the cultural experiences of their visitors. It is their goal to bring high-quality music, drama, and literature to the forefront, making The Linenhall Arts Centre a hub for lovers of the arts in Castlebar and beyond.


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