5 Victoria Terrace: From G Ber Despair to C1 Glory, a Dundrum Cottage Transforms

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Historic Redbrick Charm Reimagined: 5 Victoria Terrace

A Majestically Redefined Home: 5 Victoria Terrace

The heart of Dundrum is home to a piece of rich architectural history and charm – 5 Victoria Terrace. This period redbrick house has captured significant attention over the years for its transformation from a state of disrepair to a beautifully renovated gem. Get an inside look to this captivating transformation that might just inspire your next home renovation project.

From Rags to Riches: The Early Years and The Transformation

Our sources stated that the property was initially put up for sale in 2017. Back then, it had a low energy rating (G Ber) and was in dire need of intensive refurbishment, causing it to be listed at an asking price of €285,000. Potential buyers might have been hesitant to make a move due to the lack of interior photographs – a possible indication of poor internal conditions. However, it did pique someone’s interest, selling for €345,000 in 2018, a considerable leap from its initial asking price.

The Prime Location Advantage

While the house itself was far from perfect at the time of sale, its location was an undeniable treasure. 5 Victoria Terrace’s strategic location just a stone’s throw away from the Dundrum Town Centre, Airfield Gardens and Farm, stands as one of its most appealing elements. The close proximity to public transportation options such as the Luas ensures easy access to the city center, making it a viable option for both families and individuals seeking a balance between city and suburban living.

After The Transformation

Following a period of substantial renovations, the property now shines in a new light. The 65sq m house now boasts a more efficient energy rating of C1 and a vibrant interior. The living space features pale limed oak engineered wood flooring that adds a touch of warmth and modern elegance to this historic edifice. The floor plan now includes potentially three bedrooms, with one being used as a living area at the moment. The house also offers an intimate private patio, adorned with a majestic granite wall and limestone paving, providing a tranquil space to relax or entertain guests.

5 Victoria Terrace Today

The renovated property is currently listed with an asking price of €495,000. Despite the lack of private parking, this does not distract potential buyers due to the property’s convenient location which could negate the need for a vehicle. However, the terraced house’s captivating transformation paired with its unbeatable location, it is no doubt that 5 Victoria Terrace is indeed a priceless investment.


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