Longford Man Faces Sentencing for False Vehicle Documentation after Jury Verdict

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Edward Stokes, 33, Found Guilty of False Vehicle Registration

Edward Stokes, a 33-year-old local resident of Ferriskill, Granard, Co Longford, has been held guilty by a jury for possessing manipulated vehicle registration paperwork. The sentence announcement is expected to be conducted by Longford Circuit Court on July 9, 2024. This report is sourced from our on-ground correspondents.

Recognition of Malpractice

The case saw the light of day when Detective Garda Padraig Fahy pulled over Stokes for driving an untaxed Nissan Qashqai in the regions of Granardkill on March 4, 2020. Providing his explanation, Stokes stated that he had acquired the vehicle from a man based in Dublin, a few days prior, on March 1, 2020. He also mentioned that he was waiting for the change of ownership papers to arrive.

Investigation and Findings

Deeper investigation into the case brought to surface certain irregularities in the vehicle licensing documentation. Further vehicle stops led to the discovery of the vehicle being without any insurance coverage. Stokes’ inconsistent narrative regarding the vehicle’s procurement, coupled with the missing details of Lukes Bidoszewski, the supposed previous owner, further ignited the suspicion.

Consequences of the Offence

Adding to his existing predicaments, Stokes was already on a bail release for a set of unrelated offenses that included violent disorder. The sentence that he receives for the current case will pile on, to be served consecutively with any other standing sentences. The presiding Judge Kenneth Connolly emphasized the seriousness of the crime and mentioned the impossibility of mitigation for the lack of a guilty plea.


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