Maharashtra Administration’s Directive: Marathas Identified as Kunbis Within OBC

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Caste Certificate Notification Sparks Vital Changes in Maharashtra

Maharashtra government’s acknowledgement of blood relatives from the Maratha community as Kunbis, an Other Backward Classes (OBC) sub-caste, has set in motion major social and bureaucratic changes. The move, together with the proposed draft for introducing and verifying caste certificates, is likely to revolutionize caste certificate issuance and how OBC advantages are realized within the state. All news come from the source of Reader Wall.

Securing Kunbi Caste Certification

A series of steps has been laid out in the notification for acquiring Kunbi caste certificates. It necessitates individuals to present affidavits affirming their kinship with blood relatives registered as Kunbis. A term of “sage soyare” is now used to denote family members and “paternal” relatives, thereby widening who can be eligible for Kunbi certificates. The new development further emphasizes the inclusion of ancestors who have wedded within the same caste, effectively expanding the criteria for certification.

The Maratha Quota Protest and its Consequences

The issuance of this notification has been greeted with joy by followers of Manoj Jarange, a focal figure in the Maratha quota protest. The demands were acknowledged by Chief Minister Eknath Shinde, and the offer of juice he made to Jarange symbolizes the end of the protests. Shinde then reassured the Maratha community of equal treatment and access to OBC perks. However, this decision has not been received well by everyone, highlighting the contentious issue surrounding the topic of caste and reservations.

Maharashtra’s Journey Ahead

Maharashtra will have to tread carefully in the aftermath of this momentous notification as the intricacies of caste, identity, and resource distribution continue to mold the state’s societal and political terrains. The road ahead will require a thoughtful regard for varying views, legal consequences, and the wider impact on social togetherness and inclusiveness. The evolving story of the Maratha community’s fight for recognition and equal treatment offers a glimpse into the wider challenges and ambitions for social justice in present-day India.

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