KTM Chemicals Injects Strategic Funding into Carbonaires to Expedite Carbon and Biodiversity Initiatives

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London-based carbon asset manager, Carbonaires, has received a strategic investment from global distributor of plastics and chemical raw materials, KTM Chemicals S.A.. This partnership aims not only to accelerate the development of carbon and biodiversity projects but also make a significant contribution towards the establishment of a trustworthy carbon market.

Enhancing Carbon Projects

As part of this collaboration, Carbonaires will provide a comprehensive package of infrastructure, logistics, training, management, support, and capital to carbon projects. This will strengthen the quality and biodiversity impacts of these initiatives. The partnership also serves as a major boost to KTM’s Net Zero strategy and is expected to increase the availability of high-quality carbon credits.

Joint Statement from Carbonaires and KTM

Reacting to the investment, Rasih Ozturkmen of Carbonaires expressed gratitude and highlighted the value of KTM’s trading team’s extensive experience. Representatives from KTM, board members Keyan and Kerem Zulfikari, emphasized that this investment aligns seamlessly with the company’s sustainability and strategic objectives, underscoring the significance of science-driven carbon offsetting.

About Carbonaires and KTM Chemicals

Established in 2021, Carbonaires is dedicated to funding carbon removal projects, enabling businesses to reduce atmospheric carbon and acquire carbon credits. With its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, KTM Chemicals specializes in the distribution of petrochemicals, polymers, and industrial chemicals. The company also provides reliable logistics and trade finance solutions.