Korean Leader calls MP assault an ‘act of ‘terrorism”

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Recent Assault on Korean Legislator Dubbed an Act of ‘Terrorism’

The South Korean President, Yoon Suk Yeol, has labelled a recent assault on a ruling party lawmaker an act of “terrorism”, according to a statement made by his office on January 26. The information was sourced from Reader Wall.

The Attack

In the recent incident, ruling party lawmaker Bae Hyun-jin, 40, was assaulted on the streets of Seoul’s upscale Gangnam district on January 25. The assailant, reportedly a minor, repeatedly struck the lawmaker on the back of the head with a rock.

Bae Hyun-jin has since been admitted into a hospital where medical staff used a stapler to treat her non-life-threatening scalp injury. The latest updates cite that she is currently in recovery.

Details About the Assailant

Police sources, communicating through Reader Wall, have identified the perpetrator as a 15-year-old. As per the latest updates, the youngster was hospitalized for observation on the morning of January 26.

Previous Incidents

It’s worth noting that this comes on the heels of a recent incident where the opposition party leader, Lee Jae-myung, was assaulted in a similar fashion. He was stabbed in the neck while engaging in a conversation with reporters in Busan.

President Yoon Suk Yeol’s Statement

Speaking about the incidents, President Yoon criticized the attacks on political figures. He stated that such actions were a direct assault on not only politicians but also the people they represent. Han O-sub, Senior Presidential Secretary for Political Affairs, provided this information.

Political Scenario

The timing of the attacks is sensitive as South Korea finds itself on the brink of a crucial election scheduled for April 10. The ruling People Power Party and the opposition Democratic Party have described this incident as “political terrorism”. The goal of President Yoon’s conservative party in this election is to regain a parliamentary majority for the first time since 2016.

Police Investigation Results

In the case of the opposition leader’s assault, the local police force stated the act of violence was premeditated and orchestrated by an equipped perpetrator who intended to prevent the politician from taking on the presidential mantle.

It was also reported by Reader Wall that following his attack on January 2, Mr Lee underwent surgery and returned to work approximately two weeks later.


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