Kisii Cops Found Enjoying Liquor with Homicide Detainees in Lockup

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Police Officers Arrested for Drinking with Detainees at Rioma Police Station

An unusual event unfolded at Rioma Police Station in Kisii County where two police officers were reportedly nabbed for indulging in a drinking spree with murder suspects in custody. Constable Erick Mogoi and Constable Francis Ngugi are the police officers reported to have ushered in contraband local alcohol, popularly referred to as ‘chang’aa’, to the confinements of their station, partaking in it with Mathew Omanga and David Mboga, the murder suspects held there.

The Discovery of the Illicit Gathering

The out-of-the-ordinary gathering, hosted right inside the station cells, was brought to light by senior police officers who were alerted by the unusual noises and celebratory tunes coming from the police station. Further probing led them to find a container presumably earlier filled with the uncategorised brew. The implicated officers and detainees were swiftly transported to Kisii Police Station for immediate alcohol testing.

Acknowledgment of the Affair

The incident earned an official nod from the County Commissioner, Patrick Mukuria, who confirmed that the police officers were in active duty while engaging in the illicit act. The claims gained more ground when alcoblow tests conducted on everyone implicated returned positive results, signifying that they had indeed consumed alcohol.

Inquiries and Consequences

With the police officers now in custody, evidence has been gathered to aid in an ongoing inquiry into the incident. The act puts into question the integrity of the implicated officers, the security measures in place at Rioma Police Station, and more importantly, the discipline within the police force. It’s uncertain whether the detainees requested to partake in the drink or whether the officers willingly invited them. Either way, it depicts a worrisome picture of laxity and probable corruption.

In essence, this incident illuminates a grave protocol breach and potential crime within the police force. As the probe continues, it is the expectation of many for fast and fair handling of this shocking incident.


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