Kirirom Global Forum Spotlights Technological Innovations, Aims for Cambodia’s Development by 2050

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Kirirom Global Forum 2024: Fostering Technological Innovation and Business Empowerment

Recently, Kirirom National Park in Kampong Speu province, Cambodia, served as the backdrop for a massive collaborative assembly named the Kirirom Global Forum (KGF 2024). Our sources reported that the forum was the result of collective efforts by Kirirom Peer Learning Hub (PLH), A2A Town (Cambodia) Co. Ltd, various Kirirom Group subsidiaries, and the digital media company Sabay Digital alongside numerous partners.

Aiming at Cambodia’s 2050 Development Goals

The principal objective of this forum was to promote discussions revolving around international technological innovation trends. More crucially, it intended to gauge the readiness of companies and investors in relation to supporting Cambodia’s development objectives for the year 2050, as preferred by the Cambodian government.

Focus of Discussions

The wide-ranging discussions carried out during the forum put several key points front and centre. These included the impact of technological advancements on local agriculture, the evolution and applications of artificial intelligence (AI) within the Cambodian context, and exploring the global possibilities for skillfully trained Cambodian professionals. Perhaps the most distinctive angle of these exchanges was business empowerment through the implementation of strategic partnerships.

Significance of the KGF 2024

Takeshi Izuka, the Chief Executive Officer of the Kirirom Group, came forward to stamp the significance of the forum. Izuka underscored that this global forum was the tenth event since the launch of the Kirirom Development Project and the vKirirom Pine Resort back in 2014. He stressed the continuous role it plays as a platform for the exchange of knowledge, fostering ideas in business and technology innovation.

Building Cambodian-Japanese Investment Relations

An essential aspect of the KGF 2024 was its aim to fortify Cambodian-Japanese investment relations. This event, marking a post-pandemic resurgence, assembled around 100 participants from both Japan and Cambodia. Such a collective effort indicates a promising transition towards pre-pandemic normalcy.

Looking Forward to KGF 2025

Although it’s still early days, Izuka, brimming with optimism, has announced the 11th Forum for January 2025. The anticipation is that it will witness higher participation levels and help drive forward the forum’s objectives and Cambodia’s overall growth strategy.


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