Kipper: Canada’s Furthest Northern Avalanche Rescue Hound

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The New Avalanche Hero: Kipper the German Shepherd

A recent refreshing news story has just come from the shivering snow-laden hills of Whitehorse. A two-year-old canine hero, Kipper, a breed of German Shepherd, has just completed its intense training programme to act as a certified avalanche rescue dog. This brilliant achievement situates Kipper as the furthest north residing avalanche dog in the nation of Canada, serving as a symbol of protection and security amid the chilly surroundings.

Kipper’s contribution at Mt. Sima Alpine Adventure Park

Being predominantly based at Whitehorse’s Mt. Sima Alpine Adventure Park, Kipper’s heroic efforts are not restricted locally. The brave canine’s region of service encompasses the wider Yukon territory and even stretches to the northern area of British Columbia. With his heightened senses and rigorous training, Kipper is an integral member of the avalanche coordinating team operating across these vast territories.

The person behind Kipper’s journey: Kirstie Simpson

At the coronary heart of Kipper’s successful journey is Kirstie Simpson. Serving as the principal of mountain safety and managing risk at Mt. Sima, Simpson holds a commendable history of training avalanche dogs. Kipper is the fourth dog she has trained. Her extensive knowledge and years of experience have played an essential part in Kipper’s comprehensive training, endowing him with the critical skills needed to respond promptly and effectively in avalanche crisis scenarios.

Kipper’s certification journey

Despite his recent certification, Kipper’s journey towards contributing as an avalanche rescue dog has only just commenced. His complete accreditation process is progressing, and it is foreseen that he will achieve full certification within the next year. This accomplishment will significantly amplify the emergency management competency within the region in case of future avalanches. Kipper’s preparation for the role has been demanding and extensive, covering aspects like professional training, precise selection from distinguished kennels, and completion of a specialized winter program. Presently, Kipper is among the eight avalanche dogs undergoing training under the Canadian Avalanche Rescue Dog Association (CARDA).

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