Kim Jong Un oversees submarine-launched cruise missile trials, North Korea claims

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North Korea’s Submarine Missile Launch Supervised by Kim Jong Un

Reports from our reliable sources indicate that Kim Jong Un, North Korea’s leader, oversaw the test launches of a new series of submarine-based cruise missiles. The move was made in light of increasing threats from external entities, he said. The missiles are reportedly part of an effort to establish a nuclear-armed naval fleet.

Recent Firing of Cruise Missiles Detected

This news arrives following South Korea’s detection of multiple North Korean cruise missile launches off the eastern coast of Sinpo. This area houses a significant shipyard, contributing to submarine development. This action marks the latest in a series of North Korean weapons demonstrations amid escalating tensions with the United States, South Korea, and Japan.

Pulhwasal-3-31 Missiles Launched

The North Korean national newspaper, Rodong Sinmun, featured images of at least two separate missile launches. Each missile propelled a grayish-white plume of smoke as they broke the barrier of the water and were launched into the air. The North Korean state media identified the missiles as the Pulhwasal-3-31, new weaponry that was initially tested last week on North Korea’s western coast.

Objective of Submarine-Based Missiles

North Korea has recently developed and tested a wide variety of submarine-based missiles in its efforts to secure the ability to conduct underwater nuclear strikes. In theory, this would provide a durable retaliatory capacity ensuring the nation’s survival in case of a land-based nuclear attack.

The Maritime Threat

The assemblage of missile-firing submarines represents an emerging maritime threat alongside North Korea’s existing arsenal of land-based, solid-fuel weapons. These are designed to overwhelm the missile defenses of the US, Japan, and South Korea. Nevertheless, developing reliable, efficient submarines would require substantial time, resources, and technological advancements by the heavily sanctioned nation.

Kim Jong Un’s Satisfaction with The Tests

Our sources reported that Kim expressed pleasure at the test missiles hitting their sea targets accurately. He also issued a set of unspecified important tasks towards realizing the nuclear weaponization and expansion of the navy’s sphere of operation as per the situation and future threats.

Nuclear-Powered Submarine Development

Kim reiterated similar comments about nuclear-armed submarines in September during the launch of a new submarine, claiming it could fire tactical nuclear weapons from underwater. He mentioned the pursuit of nuclear-propelled submarines and remodeling the present submarines and surface vessels to carry nuclear weapons.

North Korean Submarine Fleet

North Korea supports one of the world’s largest submarine fleets, which is believed to comprise around 70 to 90 diesel-powered vessels. Though primarily aged vessels designed to launch torpedoes and mines, the addition of these new weaponry would significantly boost Kim’s ability to threaten the U.S. mainland with a nuclear weapon.

Tensions on The Korean Peninsula

The situation on the Korean Peninsula has grown increasingly tense as Kim has accelerated weapons development and issued threats of nuclear conflict against the US and its Asian allies. The US, South Korea, and Japan have been enhancing their combined military exercises and honing their deterrence strategies.


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