Kaduna Residents Erupt in Discontent Over Widespread Looting and Safety Issues

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Banditry Woes: Kaduna Community Pleads for Help

The citizens from Tunburku village, tucked away in the Kidandan ward of Giwa Local Government Area, Kaduna State, are uniting against the escalating insecurity brought about by incessant bandit attacks. Raising their concerns in a peaceful manner, thousands of villagers from varying age groups marched to the Zazzau Emirate Palace in Zaria, with them, stories of terror, exploitation, and resilience.

The Battlefield – Tunburku Village

At the Zazzau Emirate Palace, the spokespersons for the beleaguered community, including Malam Yusuf Jibrin and Malam Amiru Abubakar, described the grim circumstances they live in. They illustrated the image of a community held hostage, where agricultural activities – a vital source of livelihood have been stifled and tranquil village life terrorized by recurring bandit onslaughts.

These attacks are characterized by a methodical brutality involving numerous murders, kidnappings, and coercively enforced levies on farmers. Farmers are only permitted to till their fields after a substantial amount has been paid. The ruthless pillage also consists of livestock thefts and inhumane treatment, thus endangering food security of households already battling the repercussions of a stagnant local economy.

The Plea For Intervention

The Emir of Zazzau, Malam Ahmed Nuhu Bamalli, empathized with the beleaguered community, understanding the severity of their predicament. He emphasized the criticality of the situation, acknowledging the people of Tunburku’s deep distress. The Emir vowed to forward their complaints to the competent authorities, providing the protestors reassurances that their concerns will be acted upon with all their might.

As the Tunburku residents carry on their fight for survival and security, their peaceful demonstration sends a powerful message. A cry for government intervention, a call for peaceful co-existence, and a testament to the unyielding character of a community intent on restoring its tranquility and prosperity.

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