J&K Waqf Board Lauds Workers and Applauds Indian Democracy

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Impressive Celebrations at J&K Waqf Board Central Office

Headed by Dr Syed Darakhshan Andrabi, the Chairperson of J&K Waqf Board, a significant flag hoisting ceremony was held at the Waqf Central Office, positioned in Jammu. Here, Dr Andrabi appreciated the employees of the Board for their exceptional work executed over the previous year. Other notable attendees of the function included CEO Dr Syed Majid Jehangir, Mudassir Iqbal in the capacity of the Administrator, and Tehsildar Fareed Ahmad.

Honouring Notable Efforts

In recognition of his vast contributions, Dr Andrabi conferred upon Dr Jehangir a special award. This action underscores the premium the J&K Waqf Board places on the dedication, commitment, and hard work of its workforce.

Appreciating the Foundation of Indian Democracy

In her address to the attendees, Dr Andrabi highlighted the democratic principles of India and the pivotal role of the Constitution. According to her, the Indian Constitution warrants a special mention as one of the world’s leading documents ensuring democratic governance and equal rights for its citizens. She also gave due credit to the framers of the Constitution for their unmatched foresight and intelligence.

Applauding Premier Leadership

She also expressed her appreciation for the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. According to her, his governance has played a significant role in India’s ascent as a global powerhouse in recent years. She alluded to India as a ‘diversity garden’, championing harmony among its varied citizenry to realize the dream of India emerging as a global leader in all realms. She ascertained that such a vision was a by-product of the ideals instilled in the nation by Prime Minister Modi.

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