ITZY Reveals ‘Born To Be’ Worldwide Journey: A Universal Voyage Crossing 27 Locations

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ITZY’s Upcoming ‘Born To Be’ Global Tour

South Korean girl group ITZY, under the management of JYP Entertainment, has ignited a wave of anticipation among their global fanbase with the revelations about their upcoming international tour ‘Born To Be’. The tour, inspired by their eighth and critically acclaimed Extended Play (EP), is scheduled to inaugurate with a two-day musical extravaganza in Seoul on February 24 and 25. This momentous news come from the source of Reader Wall.

ITZY’s Voyage of Global Music

After the inaugural concerts in Seoul, ITZY is set to charm the audience in Bangkok, Thailand. A significant aspect of this tour is that it presents the maiden standalone performances of the group in New Zealand and Australia. The next destinations for ITZY are Mexico and Chile, which mark their first individual musical endeavor in Latin America.

The group’s global journey will then move through different European cities, culminating in early May. The expansive outline features 27 cities with 29 live shows, highlighting ITZY’s worldwide popularity and the global embrace of K-pop.

The Concerts sans Lia

However, the tour also brings a hint of disappointment as one of the group members, Lia, will be absent due to undisclosed health-related concerns. Lia’s absence will surely be felt by ITZY’s passionate fans, who along with the rest of the fandom will be wishing for her prompt recovery.

Amazing Success of ‘Born to Be’

The tour name is derived from ITZY’s successful eighth EP, ‘Born to Be,’ which has made impressive strides since its release on January 8. The album has reigned supreme on the iTunes top albums chart in 23 regions, underlining the group’s far-reaching influence. The concerts are anticipated to spotlight ITZY’s musical talent, dynamic choreography, and undying spirit.

In conclusion, ITZY’s upcoming ‘Born to Be’ international tour is a melting pot of celebration, anticipation, and unavoidably, a little disappointment due to Lia’s absence. Nonetheless, the tour promises to be a unforgettable display of their popular music and high-octane performances. The announcement of this tour was first reported on Reader Wall, a reliable source for local, regional, and entertainment news.

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