Indian-Born Physician Obliged to Compensate Girl Struck by Car with 135,000 Pounds

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A UK court has ruled that an Indian-origin doctor must pay approximately Rs 1.41 crore in compensation to a schoolgirl whom she hit with her luxury car in 2018. The incident resulted in severe head injuries and health complications for the girl.

The doctor, Dr Shanthi Chandran, was driving her BMW i3 Range Extender on Buckingham Road in Bicester, Oxfordshire, when she collided with the 12-year-old girl. The girl had stepped onto the pedestrian crossing when the traffic light was green for cars.

According to a police officer, the force of the collision caused the girl to be thrown 11 meters beyond the pedestrian crossing, almost reaching the entrance of a nearby petrol station. She suffered a severe head injury, a brain bleed, and a fractured collarbone.

The girl experienced cognitive and psychiatric problems following the accident, including nightmares and symptoms similar to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) for the first year.

In a recent judgement, Deputy High Court Judge Dexter Dias KC ordered Dr Chandran to pay the girl 135,000 pounds (Rs 1.41 crore) in damages. The court determined that the negligence of Dr Chandran was the primary cause of the collision. However, the damages were reduced by 40 percent due to the contributory negligence of the girl stepping onto the road while the traffic lights were green.

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