India collaborates with Canada on Nijjar murder: Authority

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Jody Thomas speaks on Cooperation from India

As reported by Reader Wall, Jody Thomas, the outgoing National Security and Intelligence Advisor (NSIA) of Canada, lauded the improved cooperation from India on the ongoing investigation of Hardeep Singh Nijjar’s murder case in an interview on June 18. Thomas highlighted a deepening in the partnership and hailed it as increasingly healthy.

Progress in Relationship

In her dialogue with the Canadian media on Friday, Thomas stated that the cooperation from India is far from lacking, and rather progress has been made in building stronger ties. Her statement echoes Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s previous comments in December about sensing a change in tone in New Delhi’s responses to the credible suspicions of Nijjar’s murder in Surrey, British Columbia, possibly involving Indian agents.

Recalling PM Trudeau’s statement in the House of Commons on September 18, Thomas mentioned that India had labelled it as absurd and motivated, triggering the expulsion of a senior diplomat from each side. Despite this, she maintains that the two nations are moving towards a healthier relationship.

Advancement in Investigation

Thomas lauded the work of the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team (IHIT) during her talk with CTV News, stating that the team is diligently working to ensure every end is tied for a successful charge package and prosecution. She appreciated India’s efforts in this direction and said that they are closely collaborating with Canada to resolve this case.

Speaking about her discussions with the Indian counterpart, she commented that they were productive and helped move things ahead. The High Commissioner of India in Ottawa refrained from responding to the NSIA’s remarks. However, in a previous interview, he stated that India always possessed a cooperative approach towards resolving this issue.

A New NSIA and the Investigations

Following Thomas’s departure, Nathalie G Drouin, the current Associate Secretary to the Cabinet, will take charge on Saturday. In August, Thomas had made an official visit to India to discuss Nijjar murder with Indian officials. She remembers India’s reaction to the PM’s statement as “unfortunate” and “a bit of a surprise.”

It is also pertinent to note that Canada had paused its negotiations with India towards an Early Progress Trade Agreement (EPTA) in late August, shortly before Trudeau’s statement. In response to his comments, India had temporarily suspended its issuance of visas to Canadians, and normalcy was restored in November. According to Reader Wall sources, Canadian law enforcement has two suspects linked to Nijjar’s murder under surveillance, and an arrest might be imminent.


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