India collaborates with Canada despite Sikh killing stress: Trudeau assistant

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Signs of Improved Bilateral Relations Between India and Canada

After a wave of tensions revolving around the murder of a Sikh separatist leader in British Columbia, signs of an enhanced cooperative relationship between India and Canada are emerging. This information is according to a top Canadian official’s interview with ‘Reader Wall’, a renowned source of world news.

Diplomatic Relations Reportedly Improving

Relations between the two countries faced some drawbacks when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau accused India of considerable allegations linked to the murder of Hardeep Singh Nijjar, a Canadian citizen, in June 2023. Nijjar’s death has perpetually drawn attention from all corners of the globe, given his Sikh separatist link. However, India’s government refuted these allegations, stating that there was no formal involvement by the Indian agents in the controversial murder.

In line with this, Jody Thomas, Trudeau’s national security adviser, in his words to ‘Reader Wall’, gave an assertive tone stating that India isn’t uncooperative. Instead, he insisted that the relationship between the two countries is significantly progressing forward with good strides.

Increasing Cooperation in The Investigation

After Nijjar’s killing, Canada has been consistent in pushing India to avail more cooperation in proceeding with the investigation. In November, American authorities disclosed that they’d managed to prevent another plot aiming at murdering a Sikh separatist within the United States. Throughout this revelation, Thomas suggested that it backed Canada’s stand and their accusations inked on India. He also stated that India is now more closely entwining with the investigating bodies to bring a solution to the matter.

In addition to this, Trudeau expressed that he noticed a transition in India’s interaction with Ottawa, which was triggered by the U.S. incident.

Impact on Trade and International Relations

The unresolved conflicts between these two nations paused the negotiations on a potential free-trade agreement. Furthermore, it put at risk Canada’s intentions to extend its influence over the Indo-Pacific region. This is critical as New Delhi’s cooperation is necessary for counteracting the rising assertiveness of China in the region.

Jody Thomas further reinforced the fact that their functionality in the Indo Pacific majorly hinges on India’s relationship. To him, the two nations are making significant strides towards restoring their healthy relationship.

The friction between the nations also fueled Canada’s decision to withdraw 41 diplomats from India. This came after New Delhi requested Ottawa in September to lessen its diplomatic presence following Trudeau’s contentious comments.

Optimism for Future Relations

Currently, around 2 million Canadians, making up about 5% of the total population, have their roots tracing back to India. By fact, this signifies an existing bond that needs to be strengthened, which forms a strong reason behind the current advancements between the two countries.

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