Global Data Journalism Contenders Announced: Sigmas 2024 Shortlist Highlights 22 Countries

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The Sigmas 2024 Shortlist Unveils Finalists with Diverse Data Journalism Projects

Our sources have revealed the finalists for the upcoming Sigmas 2024 Shortlist. The recognition involves a comprehensive selection of 52 data journalism projects across 22 countries. The prestigious event is set to welcome a pool of remarkable participants, including the acclaimed Marianne Bouchart.

Eminent Speakers and Cutting-Edge Topics

The event brings the chance to hear from past winners and industry experts. They will be engaging in discussions on critical matters that are currently challenging digital journalism. One such topic is the rise of AI audio deepfakes – their proliferating ease of production, declining cost, and the difficulties in detecting them.

Discussing Journalism’s Fundamental Purpose

In a unique conversation thread, Proof News’ founder Julia Angwin will introduce an existential consideration of journalism’s purpose. Prompting attendees to deep-dive into journalism’s role in society, this talk is certain to enlighten and stimulate thought.

Highlighting the Power of Press Through Trials

Another focus of the event will be the reporting of Jimmy Lai. Lai, who is associated with Hong Kong’s Apple Daily, ignited discussions regarding government policies, paving the way for potential reform. His son, Sebastien Lai, too, is slated to share his perspective during the event.

The Ever-Growing Importance of Data and Open Source Intelligence

Ros Atkins of BBC will speak about the growing significance of data and open-source intelligence in the field of journalism, underlining its constantly transforming landscape. The engaging talk intending to highlight the role of these tools will truly be worth listening to.

A Glance Into the Realities Faced by European Journalists

The book ‘A Death in Malta’ promises to reveal the harsh realities met by journalists in Europe. It tells the tale through the lens of Daphne Caruana Galizia’s life and experiences, casting a spotlight on the often hidden struggles they endure.

Deciphering the Trouble of News Deserts Within the EU

Our sources also uncovered a study that manifests the escalating issue of news deserts within the EU, underlining the perilous state of local media. It highlights the need for supporting and reviving local news sources.

Zetland’s Approach to Product Development and Digital Tools

Lea Korsgaard of Zetland will touch upon the effective utilization of product development and external digital mediums. Sharing the strategic insights, Korsgaard aims to impart the importance of these elements for curation and delivery of news.

The Intricacies of Uncovering Corruption

Diana Salinas, the acclaimed Colombian journalist, will provide her expert tips on dealing with the investigative complexities that come when uncovering corruption. A valuable lesson for budding journalists, Salinas’ session will be awaited eagerly by many attendees.

Reporting Requires More Detail in Socio-economically Disadvantaged Areas

Finally, according to the Swedish study we sourced, there is an immediate need to push for more detailed and deep-dived reporting in socio-economically disadvantaged regions. Addressing this need could help redefine journalism’s landscape and provide an equal platform for all stories to be told.


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