Fortunate that individuals journeyed from Australia to comprehend how their art is interpreted by Indian viewers: Ambassador Philip Green

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Splendid Display of Tradition and Modernity: A Unique Art Exhibition Event in New Delhi

Our reporter in New Delhi brings to light an awe-inspiring event held in the heart of India’s capital, recently hosted by Australian High Commissioner to India, Philip Green. This event served as the platform for international indigenous art exchange, highlighting the dynamics of tradition and modernity.

“Modern Tribal: Connecting Traditions”- A Commendable Endeavour

Phillip Green expressed his gratitude for having the opportunity to expose Indian audiences to the artwork of Australia’s First Nations people during the launch of the exhibition, “Modern Tribal: Connecting Traditions.” He emphasized the exhibition’s significance, demonstrating inclusivity by acknowledging more than 250 indigenous languages that exist in Australia.

Curated by the Gondwana Art Project

The Gondwana Art Project, responsible for curating this unique exhibition, showcased a diverse array of tribal art from Central India. Additionally, it featured exceptional works by indigenous artists from Australia, supplied by the New England Regional Art Museum’s partner, Utopia Art Sydney, along with pieces by First Nations artist Sarrita King, who is originally from South Australia but now based in Darwin.

Australia’s Oldest Living Culture

Green spoke fondly of the pride he feels that Australia, though a modern and advanced country, is home to the oldest living culture on Earth in the form of their First Nations people. Speaking to our reporter, he reiterated how significant it is for these cultures to be at the forefront of Australia’s cultural diplomacy.

Dedicated Australian Indigenous Artworks Wall

The exhibition also features a devoted Australian Indigenous Artworks wall, housing pieces from Utopia Art Sydney and First Nations artist Sarrita King. King expressed her enthusiasm for being in India, stating it has offered a novel opportunity for connecting with her ancestors and the rich Aboriginal culture of her homeland, Australia.

Implications and Future

Sundeep Bhandari, founder of the Gondwana Art Project, shared his vision with us for the initiative. Talking about the foundation formed to support tribal artisans, he underlined it as a non-profit project aimed at enhancing the lives of tribal artists through mentoring and assistance in developing innovative design concepts for a range of audiences beyond the Indian market.

This noteworthy art exhibition turned international cultural exchange program was on display from January 29 to February 5. It successfully offered a bridge between traditional art forms and contemporary interpretations, recounting tales of tribal festivals, environment, folklore, and the natural world, captivating audiences all while supporting the livelihoods of its creators.


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