Financial Hardship Propels Nigerians to Recycle Plastic Dishes Amid Ecological Disaster

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Revival of Discarded Plastic Plates Amid Economic Strain

Noteworthy economical changes in Nigeria have given rise to an unusual trend – the reusage of old disposable plastic plates intended for food containment and takeout purposes. The currencies required for getting hands on brand-new disposable plates have seen an increase of almost 50%. This has led street vendors like Mrs. Ranti Fatai, who makes a living out of selling fruit salads, and Mrs. Jedida Vincent, who sells food, to depend on pre-used plastic plates. Plates that were previously seen as garbage at events and hotels have now borne the burden of ensuring the sustenance of their livelihoods.

The Trade of Used Plates

There are traders in the market now who have started dealing in used kitchenware. One such entrepreneur is Mr. Chidi Alfred. He is known for buying these recycled plates at N20 and selling them again at N50. Many small-scale businesses, struggling financially, are finding this trade to be a viable solution. However, this practice is not devoid of negative implications.

Steps Taken by the Government and the Environmental Consequences

In response to the rising challenges associated with environmental pollution related to plastic use, the Lagos State Government has put a ban on plastic takeaway packs and other single-use plastic materials. Like many global metropolises, Lagos is dealing with the hindrance caused by discarded plastic in gutters and water channels. This nuisance frequently results in severe floods, causing debilitating impact to the city.

Looking Ahead

The imposition of the ban, however compelling for environmental conservation causes, presents a fresh hurdle for those individuals who are trying to make ends meet by using old plastic plates. Yet, Nigerians are known for their flexibility and capability to adapt to changing scenarios. As the world observes, only time will tell how these people fare while dealing with these new challenges, and how they continue to survive amid the economic constraints.

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