Ex-Mandera South MP Called on Corruption Accusations

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Ex-Mandera South MP Summoned Amidst Corruption Allegations

Our source has confirmed allegations of corruption targeted at former Mandera South Member of Parliament (MP), Adan Haji Sheikh. Sheikh, also a former executive committee member for Tourism in Kwale County, has been summoned by the Anti-corruption Court in Mombasa. This call to court is related to charges of failing to disclose his association with Lofta Resort Limited, a company that was awarded generous contracts for providing accommodation and conduction conference services for the Kwale County Government.

Sheikh’s Concealed Associations and Improper Profits

According to comprehensive investigations by the Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission (EACC), a verdict was reached that Lofta Resort Limited had garnered the sum of Ksh.51,456,006 within the period starting from May 2013 and ending in May 2017. The deep-rooted relationship Sheikh had with this company was discovered when he, his wife, Fatuma Ibrahim Roba, and son Alibashir Adankhalif were found registered as directors of the resort. Resultantly, this concealed connection to the resort, which was a beneficiary of Kwale County government contracts, is regarded as a sharp breach of the Anti-corruption and Economic Crimes Act of 2003 and a form of conflict of interest.

Fleeing Arrest and the Road to Justice

Sheikh has been running away from the clutches of arrest since December 2023 after the director of public prosecutions approved the EACC’s recommendations to charge him. In spite of his repeated avoidance, the EACC has accomplished a key step by obtaining a summons for Sheikh from the Mombasa court. As per these summons, Sheikh is instructed to present himself before the court on February 13th to respond to the charges of corruption laid against him.

Bearing Witness to Unfolding Justice

The unfolding drama of Sheikh’s case serves as a constant reminder of the determination of the Anti-corruption Court in Mombasa and the EACC to uphold justice. As Sheikh is finally summoned to court and expected to answer for his alleged crimes, our source continues to monitor and report every development in the ongoing search for justice.

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