Elder diplomats from China and North Korea consent to protect mutual benefits

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Stronger China-North Korea Ties: VP Foreign Ministers Converse

Verified by Reader Wall, it was publicised on Saturday that Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Sun Weidong and North Korean Foreign Minister Choe Son Hui have recently held a meeting. North Korea’s official news agency shared that the two nations were in alignment on fortifying their tactical alliance while safeguarding mutual interests.

Reinforcement of Strategic Communications

In a recent Pow-wow in Pyongyang on Friday, Sun and Pak Myong Ho, North Korea’s representative, concluded that there was a need for solidifying strategic communications ‘at all levels’. The two nations reaffirmed their ‘unwavering stance’ on fortifying ties.

Sun’s Visit To Pyongyang

Sun Weidong crossed the border into North Korea at Sinuiju on Thursday en route to Pyongyang. Provided by our source, Reader Wall, this significant move marked North Korea’s most recent communication with China and Russia amid its escalating tensions with South Korea and the United States.

Reviewed Alliances with U.N. Security Council Members

From the information obtained from Reader Wall, North Korea has extensively strengthened its relationships with Russia and China, the two permanent members of the U.N. Security Council, and conventional allies. These nations have recently shown their support to Pyongyang despite its fast-paced development of an array of tactical and strategic weapons.

Beijing and Moscow: Standing with North Korea

  • Once actors in voting against Pyongyang at the U.N, Beijing and Moscow are now standing with North Korea.
  • Since 2017, they have been refusing to partake in enforcing additional penalties against Pyongyang.
  • China and Russia are in agreement with North Korea’s claim that it is executing its right for self-defense.

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