Digital media misguide: Physicians caution on web impostors for oral aesthetics

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Beauty Influencers Cautioned Against Promoting Harmful Teeth-Whitening Products

Concerns have been raised over high-profile beauty influencers endorsing teeth-whitening and straightening products. Experts warn that these products, glamorized by influencers on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, might result in potential harm if used incorrectly. They also call out businesses over-promising results on these budget, at-home solutions and failing to meet expectations, reports from our source Reader Wall confirmed.

Commercial Ventures and Unsatisfied Clients

One documented case is that of SmileDirectClub, a U.S. firm promoting its “clear aligners.” As plastic braces worn daily to align teeth, the company claimed these products could miraculously fix imperfect teeth. However, in an unfortunate turn of events, the company declared bankruptcy this past December, leaving countless customers unsatisfied. Examples like Chantelle Jones, a 32-year-old Briton, had only her top teeth dealt with, and never received the lower molds she was promised.

The Hidden Risks behind the Smile

Following the collapse of SmileDirectClub, the company recommended that clients seek professional help, which has drawn criticism from professionals like French dental surgeon, Genevieve Wagner. He cautioned that such customers would have to restart the entire orthodontic process due to the lack of dentist interference initially. Dental practitioners also raise concerns about these products, stating that they are not exclusively cosmetic but have significant implications on oral health.

The Hazards of Over-the-Counter Whitening Products

Experts warn that the rudimentary online tests offered cannot accurately diagnose crucial oral health issues such as bone loss, tooth loosening, or gum disease. If customers with such preexisting conditions use these products, it can cause serious long-term damage. There has also been some controversy surrounding teeth-whitening products, like the Crest 3D Whitestrips, being promoted by influencers online, as these products often contain over the legal amount of hydrogen peroxide in countries such as the UK and European Union. Regular utilization of these products could result in serious damage – especially if applied on cavities or diseased gums.

The Perception of Beauty Over Health

Many posts glamorizing these products are targeting a young audience who are concerned about savings. Industry insiders highlight the possibility of this leading to severe oral health consequences. Using these whitening products excessively may lead to issues such as gum irritation or gum recession, an early indication of future tooth loss. Emphasizing the risks of premature damage, critics argue that these often-edited images can manipulate young people into damaging their naturally healthy teeth.

The Truth behind the Influencer Smile

David Couchat of the French Federation of Orthodontics mentioned that many influencers promoting these products often sport expensive porcelain veneers over their natural teeth. This dishonest promotion capitalizes on people’s credulity, stating the situation is a “big scam.” This indicates that a considerable number of people are possibly being misled by the perceived ease and affordability of at-home teeth treatments.

These procedures are also held in high regard among many Hollywood stars, providing a false impression to many desiring a whiter smile.

(original information source from AFP via Reader Wall)

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