Deadly Strike in Odesa: Zelensky Vows Response After Russian Missile Attack Kills 20

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Russian Ballistic Missile Strikes Residential Area in Odesa, Ukraine

Deadly Attack Leads to Widespread Destruction

The residential area of Odesa, Ukraine has been hit by a Russian ballistic missile strike, according to our sources. This brutal assault resulted in grave destruction and at least 20 known deaths, with over 70 injuries. It’s one of the most severe assaults the city has witnessed in recent weeks amidst continuous daily attacks initiated by the Russian forces.

Ukrainian President Condemns Attack

President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine has staunchly denounced the destructive attack. In response to the deadly incident, the Ukrainian President has pledged a proportional response from Ukrainian forces. The missiles, recognized as the Iskander-M type, originated from the Russian-occupied region of Crimea.

The Attack’s Grave Impact on Civilians and Infrastructure

The brutal assault wreaked significant havoc on civilian infrastructure and disrupted vital services such as gas and electricity. Additionally, the strike claimed the life of a brave medic and a rescuer during follow-up recovery operations. Solidarity among local residents has been heartening, with many volunteering to donate blood, and a day of sorrow has been declared.

Odesa Under Fire: A Critical Port City at Risk

As a critical port city, Odesa has been under significant threat, especially after Moscow decided to pull out from a United Nations-brokered grain shipment agreement. Ukrainian officials have described these attacks as acts of Russian terror, showcasing the indiscriminate targeting of civilians amidst this escalating conflict.

Questions on Civilian Targeting Amid Escalating Conflict

The pattern of air strikes across Ukraine since the full-scale Russian invasion in February 2022 seems to contradict Russia’s denials of targetting civilians. Ukrainian forces have retaliated by deploying long-range drones to target Russian infrastructure as part of their responsive measures.

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  • The strong condemnation of this attack by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.
  • The emergent spirit of solidarity among local residents amidst incredible suffering.
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