David Saul Memorial Fidelity 5K: Chris Estwanik Wins

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Chris Estwanik Takes Pole Position at David Saul Memorial Fidelity 5K Race

Putting a definitive end to his reduced racing visibility, Chris Estwanik, a 43-year-old athlete from Bermuda, emerged victorious in the recently concluded David Saul Memorial Fidelity 5K. With a triumphant sprint, Estwanik clocked in at 15 minutes and 42 seconds, marking his first notable race since his successful eighth win at the 2022 Half-Marathon Derby, according to sources from our website.

Estwanik’s Victorious Reappearance

Estwanik, not being in the peak of his training, overflowed with joy over his own performance and the noticeable support he received from the local athletics community. The cheers of the enthusiastic spectators and the appeal of the race’s level track amplified his happiness.

While Estwanik relished the event’s community spirit, his participation in the forthcoming Half-Marathon Derby remains a question mark. Esteemed runner Estwanik appears less focused on breaking records and more attuned to personal goals, while also acknowledging the physical limitations that accompany age.

Emerging Runners in the Limelight

The David Saul Memorial Fidelity 5K served not only as a highlight for Estwanik’s resurgence but also as a stage for budding talents to shine. Ten-year-old Naomi MacGuiness stood out as the fastest female finisher, clocking an astounding 18 minutes and 54 seconds.

Rising star Matthew Hoey set himself apart from the competition, winning the junior race with an impressive time of just 7 minutes, underlining the bright prospects of Bermuda’s future in athletics.

Beyond the Competitive Sprint

The event also accommodated diverse participation beyond the conventional race, including a competitive walk. Laura Wright triumphed in the walking category, wrapping up her walk in 34 minutes and 54 seconds.

The David Saul Memorial Fidelity 5K, as reported by our sources, demonstrated the dynamic and supportive nature of Bermuda’s running community. From experienced victors like Estwanik to emerging talents such as MacGuiness and Hoey, the event celebrated all forms of participation and victories.


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