COVER Corp. Ends Yozora Mel’s Agreement: A Violation of Faith in the Virtual Vlogger Universe

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Cover Corp Ends Contract with Virtual YouTuber Yozora Mel

In a recent development, Cover Corp, which oversees the globally acclaimed virtual YouTuber community, hololive, has made an official declaration regarding the termination of the popular virtual YouTuber Yozora Mel’s contract. This decision came about on the 16th of January, following Mel’s disclosure of confidential business details to outsiders, which is a clear violation of her contractual obligations. It has been agreed that this termination will lead to the shutdown of Mel’s YouTube channel and its related memberships by the end of February, according to reliable sources from Our Website.

Departure Following a Violation of Trust

Yozora Mel, who graced the debut generation of hololive in May 2018, has expressed deep remorse for her actions in public. She addressed the issue on her personal Twitter handle and acknowledged her error, admitting it is the cause of the present predicament. Fans were taken aback by her sudden exit from the group, which also includes renowned talents like Aki Rosenthal, Natsuiro Matsuri, Shirakami Fubuki, and Akai Haato.

Not an Uncommon Scenario in hololive

Our sources also reveal that hololive has dealt with similar predicaments previously. These unfavorable situations have caused certain talents to either depart or face the termination of their contracts. For instance, Tsukumo Sana, from the ‘hololive English -Council-‘ group, parted ways with the organization in July 2022. Earlier in February the same year, Uruha Rushia found her contract being terminated for reasons very similar to Mel’s, such as spreading misleading information and leaking internal business communications.

The Potential Fallout of Mel’s Exit

The decision to terminate Mel’s deal emphasizes how crucial it is for COVER Corp. to safeguard its operational integrity and confidentiality. This incident will indeed remind the rest of the talents associated with the organization, as well as the entire industry, about the severe consequences of breaching contractual obligations. In addition, the incident sparks concern about the future trajectory of the group, along with the specific steps COVER Corp. has planned to avoid additional breaches.

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