China’s ‘pave fresh path’ note to France post Macron’s India trip

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China’s President Pledges to Boost Relations with France

Breaking New Ground in China-France Relations

Chinese President Xi Jinping has proposed a “new, groundbreaking path” to strengthen China-France relations. This development comes after French President Emmanuel Macron’s recent high-profile visit to India. The two nations revealed ambitious defense roadmap and have intensified their partnership in the Indian Ocean and the Indo-Pacific region according to our sources.

The Indian visit of President Macron coincides with the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and France.

In his message marking the occasion, President Xi stated that “as the world stands at an important crossroads, China and France must collectively pave a road towards peace, security, prosperity, and human development.”

The Future of China-France Relations

President Xi emphasised that China gives significance to the development of bilateral ties. He expressed willingness to collaborate with President Macron in observing the 60th year of diplomatic relations. The purpose would be to uphold basic principles, ‘break new ground’, build on past successes, and draw out a bright future for China and France’s comprehensive strategic partnership, making it sturdier and more vibrant.

China’s foreign minister, Wang Yi, disclosed that the country is ready to step up imports from France. He shared, “We will keep releasing consumer and investment market demand, continue to grow the import of high-quality products and services from France.” He also voiced hopes that France will provide a fair, predictable, and just environment for Chinese businesses.

China values its ties with France, as President Macron is pushing Europe to emerge as a balancing force between the US and China.

Highlighting China-France Cooperation in High-Tech Areas

The Chinese media praised China-France cooperation, advocating for enhanced collaboration in the high-tech domain. They reported, “Scientific and technological collaboration has been a cornerstone of the China-France relationship, with impressive strides in joint research and development, especially in sectors like aerospace, the nuclear industry to renewable energy.”

France’s Growing Importance in the Indo-Pacific

Beijing has been cautiously monitoring President Macron’s visit to India. Paris is increasingly becoming a crucial defense partner for New Delhi, as the US and European Union try to engage India as a balancing force against China.

Following President Macron’s discussions with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the two nations outlined an defense industrial roadmap, suggesting a strong collaboration in the Indian Ocean and Indo-Pacific, a significant area of concern for China.

They also established an agreement for intensified collaboration in the Southwest Indian Ocean. This agreement builds upon the joint surveillance missions executed from the French island territory of La Reunion in 2020 and 2022.

The heightening of India-France collaboration in the Indian Ocean has sparked worries for China as it seeks to extend its reach in India’s vicinity.

The Rise of China’s Military Maneuvers in Indo-Pacific

The US, India and other global superpowers have increasingly discussed the need for a free, open, and thriving Indo-Pacific against the backdrop of China’s amplified military activities in the resource-rich region.


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