China’s Ascending Power and Proactive Engagement at the Global Economic Summit

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China’s significant presence at the World Economic Forum (WEF), commonly known as Davos after its Swiss host town, has been underscored by President Xi Jinping’s numerous addresses to the forum’s attendees. The WEF serves as a global platform where political, business, and cultural leaders converge to discuss and shape global, regional, and industry agendas. China’s active participation in Davos echoes its increasing influence on the world stage and its robust role in global economic discussions.

China and the World Economic Forum

Borge Brende, the president of the WEF, highlighted China’s pivotal role in the global economy and its impressive growth compared to the rest of the world as the forum kicked off in Davos, Switzerland. Meanwhile, Neo Gim Huay, a managing director at the WEF, stressed the importance of China’s active engagement in addressing global challenges, such as the climate crisis.

China is poised to contribute significantly to the discussion on the world’s transition to a net-zero future at the forum. The WEF’s managing director expressed enthusiasm about China’s role and emphasized its position as one of the largest economies and a key player in global trade. Chinese businesses and government leaders are expected to provide valuable ideas and perspectives on how the global community can collaborate, including in areas such as trade relations, value chain partnerships, and engagements with suppliers.

High-Level Representation

The annual meeting of global elites in Davos will see China represented by Prime Minister Li Qiang, who will address global and business A-listers. Discussions at Davos will focus on global risks, including climate change, maintaining global trade, and the impact of artificial intelligence on jobs in advanced economies. A sizable Chinese delegation, comprising 140 members and 10 ministers, is actively partaking in the forum, seeking to enhance their investment attractiveness and engaging in talks with foreign direct investors.

The Address by Premier Li Qiang

Chinese Premier Li Qiang is slated to address global investors and politicians in Davos. This comes at a time when China is wrestling with a sluggish post-pandemic recovery and a real estate slump. Li’s speech aims to bolster global cooperation, address various risks, bridge development divides, and advocate for peaceful coexistence and win-win outcomes. Despite previous skepticism due to concerns about anti-espionage laws, raids on consultancies, and exit bans, the international community is eager to hear more about China’s economic policies and prospects.

China’s contributions and perspectives remain a significant part of the dialogue at WEF, shaping the forum’s direction and the topics it prioritizes. This engagement is a testament to China’s strategic approach to international relations and its efforts to position itself as a responsible global player.