Chief Ramaphosa Implores South Africans to Enroll to Cast, Emphasizes Local Service Problems in Mamelodi

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South African President Encourages Voter Participation

In a recent media briefing at Mams Mall located in Mamelodi, Tshwane, President Cyril Ramaphosa of South Africa urged unregistered nationals to participate in the upcoming electoral process, highlighting the significance of the same. He also appreciated the ANC Youth League for its supportive role while interacting with potential young voters.

Ramaphosa Tackles Local Community Concerns

During his address, President Ramaphosa touched upon the pressing issues of lack of adequate municipal supplies in local communities, especially water and electricity. Holding the DA-run municipality accountable for their failure to resolve these issues, he promised to take the matter of water scarcity up at a national level.

ANC Youth League Leader’s Views on the Issue

Supporting President Ramaphosa’s views, the ANC Youth League leader Collin Matjila criticized the governance by DA in Tshwane. He mentioned the non-availability of basic services, an increase in crime, and remorse amongst the community members not voting for ANC in the past as concerns. Unesongo Matikinca, a representative from the Congress of South African Students, emphasized the power of voting and urged citizens to make their voices heard. Addressing the same issues, local citizen Susan Mabena particularly mentioned the insufficiency of grant money and lack of water and electricity.

Voter Registration Drive in Soweto

President Ramaphosa took his voter registration campaign to Soweto, where he interacted with residents and encouraged voter registration. He expressed happiness over the number of citizens who have registered and showed satisfaction with the current registration rates for the upcoming 2024 national and provincial elections. President Ramaphosa also discussed important issues including but not limited to, service delivery, school funding, crime, and the high unemployment rate and committed to taking action in these areas.

Ramaphosa Visits Voter Registration Station

Marking his visit to a voter registration station in Mamelodi, President Ramaphosa stressed the importance of eligible voters registering for the election. He also praised the citizen’s enthusiasm towards the upcoming elections and the voter registration process. The Electoral Commission, which reported a successful voter registration process, noted that a total of over 20,525 transactions took place on the online voter registration portal, out of which 7,234 were new registrations. The president assured citizens that voter registration will be kept open until the announcement of the election date.

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