Catalan Government Establishes Advisory Panel for Strategic Infrastructure Investment

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The Catalan government has recently launched the Strategic Investment Committee with the aim of strengthening the infrastructure in Catalonia. The committee’s main goal is to outline a series of important projects that will be executed by the Spanish government within Catalonia.

Natalia Mas: Advocating for Equality

Natalia Mas, the Economy Minister of Catalonia, has emphasized the urgent need for the Spanish government to address the existing lack of investments in Catalonia. She has called for equal investment opportunities that reflect Catalonia’s significant contribution to Spain’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Laura Vilagra: Prioritizing Infrastructure

Laura Vilagra, the Presidency Minister, has underscored the Catalan government’s commitment to its citizens. She has highlighted ongoing negotiations with the Socialists to increase infrastructure investments, aiming to improve the living standards of the people in Catalonia through strategic allocation of resources.

Enhanced Mobility as a Key Focus

The discussions have pinpointed the necessity of improved mobility and proposed the transfer of the Rodalies commuter rail network to Catalan control as a positive step forward. Further involvement and investments from the Spanish government are seen as crucial for enhancing road mobility.

Upcoming Projects

Several projects have been identified as immediate priorities, including improvements to the N-II road, interchanges between railway lines, and upgrades to the N-260, AP-7, and AP-2 roads. These proposed ventures will significantly contribute to the development of the region’s infrastructure.

In November, an important agreement was reached between the Socialists and the Republican Left of Catalonia (ERC), which resulted in the transfer of the Rodalies rail network to Catalonia. In exchange for the ERC’s support of Pedro Sanchez’s re-election as Spain’s prime minister, the agreement pledged increased investments.