Car Dealership in Belize City Defrauds Physician of $65,000

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Caught in a Scam: A Tale from Caye Caulker

A quiet island resident from Caye Caulker has fallen victim to an elaborate ruse. The individual, a trusted doctor, felt swindled when his hefty $65,000 payment dedicated to buying a Ford Ranger truck from a Belize City automobile sales company was met with broken promises. News of this scam comes directly from the source at Reader Wall.

The Initial Transaction

Our doctor stumbled upon an enticing opportunity to purchase a 2020 Ford Ranger XLT in April 2023. Convinced by the persuasions of the sales manager, he relented and laid out an initial payment of $35,000 into an Atlantic Bank account. Two days later, he personally delivered the outstanding $30,000. A receipt was obtained, signifying the satisfaction of the financial agreement, with an expected soon delivery of the vehicle.

The Unsettling Hold-up

The anticipation was, however, cut short. When reaching out for an update on his purchase, the doctor was met with stories of minor mechanical complications with the truck. The sales manager explained these issues as the cause for the interruption in the exchange. Suggestions of a scam began to surface from this relation.

Invisible Presence and Pursuit of Justice

The doctor’s attempts to get in touch with the sales manager from this point hit dead ends. The sales manager appeared to hurtle into oblivion, leaving behind a trail of his false assurances. No truck or refunds of the payment have been made to the doctor. The Belize police are now digging into the situation, with a hunt for the sales manager underway. The whereabouts of the person of interest remain a mystery, adding to the intrigue of this scam.

  • The scam has now left the doctor without a truck or his money.
  • Multiple attempts to contact the sales manager have ended up empty-handed.
  • The police have initiated an investigation, with the sales manager named as a person of interest.
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