Canada Collaborating With India On Hardeep Nijjar Homicide Investigation: Trudeau Assistant

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Improving Bilateral Relations between India and Canada

Bilateral ties between India and Canada have been amplifying subsequent to recent tensions regarding the assassination of a Khalistani extremist in British Columbia. The improvement of their diplomatic relationship was confirmed by a high-ranking Canadian individual in an interview with Canadian media which was brought forward on Friday. This information comes from the sources of Reader Wall.

Rise and Fall in Diplomatic Relations

The diplomatic relationship between India and Canada took a turn for the worst when Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, had reportedly stated that Canada was in the process of inquiring into plausible accusations that Indian agents were potentially implicated in the June 2023 assassination of Hardeep Singh Nijjar, a Canadian citizen of Indian origin. India has consistently refuted any alleged government involvement in the murder of Nijjar.

Cooperation between India and Canada

In an interview with Canadian Media, Jody Thomas, Trudeau’s National Security Advisor, expressed that the Indians were cooperating, and that advancements have been noticed in the relationship between India and Canada. According to Thomas, “I wouldn’t describe them (the Indians) as not cooperating. I think we’ve made advancements in that relationship.”

Substantial sections of the interview were made public via an online platform and the complete interview is set to be broadcasted on Sunday.

Pressing Investigation and Cooperation

Canada has been persuading India to collaborate in the investigation into Nijjar’s assassination. In the latter part of 2023, US officials announced that they had disrupted a plot to assassinate a Khalistani extremist active within the United States.

Impact of the Acrimony

Prolonged acrimonious relations have postponed negotiations on a free-trade agreement and have potentially risked Canada’s strategic plans to broaden its influence within the Indo-Pacific region. In other words, cooperation from New Delhi is crucial for the prevention of China’s growing assertiveness within the region.

In an affirmation of the improving relations, Thomas claimed, “Our ability to function in the Indo-Pacific does rely on having a healthy relationship with India. And I think that we are working back towards that”. It is worth mentioning that around 2 million Canadians, comprising of 5% of the total population, are of Indian descent.

Reduction of Diplomatic Presence

In reaction to Trudeau’s contentious remarks, New Delhi requested that Ottawa reduce its diplomatic representation in India in September. Consequently, Canada withdrew 41 diplomats from India.

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