Ashvattha Innovations Leads Change in Eye Medicine using Novel Nanotherapy

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Jeffrey Cleland Sheds Light on Ashvattha’s Groundbreaking Nanomedicine Technology, D-4517.2

The President and CEO of our partnered Ashvattha Therapeutics, Jeffrey Cleland, PhD, provided an in-depth explanation of the company’s innovative nanomedicine technology, D-4517.2. Aimed towards the treatment of wet Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) and Diabetic Macular Edema (DME), this revolutionary technology was formulated at the distinguished Johns Hopkins University’s Wilmer Eye Institute.

D-4517.2 – A New Approach to Ophthalmic Treatment

What sets D-4517.2 apart is its unique, hydroxyl dendrimer-based formulation that specifically targets inflammation at the back of the eye after systemic administration. With this breakthrough strategy, the need for intravitreal injections could potentially be eliminated, replaced by a home-administered product for patients. Already, the technology has proven effective in early stage animal studies and patient trials, with zero systemic harmful incidents reported, and marked reduction in neovascularization.

Marching Towards Patient Centric Healthcare

Continuing to break barriers, Ashvattha Therapeutics is currently performing repetitive dosing experiments, pitting their pioneering drug against intravitreal aflibercept. Encouraging results reveal overall stability observed in most patients for a span of up to 12 weeks following a single subcutaneous injection. This significant progression leans towards patient-centric healthcare, lessening the reliance and discomfort linked to intravitreal injections.

Upcoming Milestones for Ashvattha

Ashvattha’s future roadmap incorporates conducting a randomised controlled study competing against aflibercept, and the creation of an orally consumable dosage form, which is anticipated to commence health volunteer trials during the approaching summer season. Besides the D-4517.2 technology, Cleland highlighted Ashvattha’s expansive future plans that incorporates potential applications for neuroinflammatory diseases and prospective directions into progressive multiple sclerosis.

In conclusion, piloted by CEO, Jeffrey Cleland, Ashvattha Therapeutics is spearheading a drastic shift in ophthalmic treatment. The innovative nanomedicine technology, D-4517.2, places Ashvattha Therapeutics at the forefront of this revolution, reducing the necessity and discomfort of intravitreal injections, thus providing patients with a more manageable way to treat wet AMD and DME.


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