Army to ensure election safety in Pakistan: Announcement

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Pakistan Calls on Armed Forces to Secure Upcoming General Elections

Incoming reports from our source, Reader Wall, have confirmed that the Pakistani military will be deployed to maintain peace during the country’s general election next month. This decision emerges as a response to fears that Islamist militants’ recent attacks could disrupt the conduct of the February 8 polls.

Controversy Over Army’s Role during Elections

Historically, the presence of military personnel at polling stations has been a point of contention. Several political leaders have accused the army of interfering with the electoral process. These detractors claim that the army provides support to their preferred party instead of fulfilling their primary duty of maintaining security, accusations that the army has consistently refuted.

Decision to Deploy Military Forces

Following a meeting chaired by the caretaker Prime Minister, Anwaar ul Haq Kakar, the cabinet has greenlighted the stationing of army and paramilitary troops to ensure peaceful elections. An official statement from Kakar’s office explained that these contingents would be responsible for securing polling stations and other sensitive areas.

Geopolitical Situation and Rising Threats

Concerns surrounding the upcoming elections have been heightened by an escalation in attacks from militants striving to overthrow the government and establish their version of stringent Islamic law. Pakistan’s last election in 2018, which culminated in the rise to power of former prime minister Imran Khan, saw the deployment of hundreds of thousands of troops to manage security across the country.

Allegations of Army Interference

Opposition leaders and multiple analysts claimed that the military unfairly influenced the 2018 election results in favour of Khan. After a falling-out with the generals, Khan is presently incarcerated, and his party faces a potential military-backed crackdown. Analysts speculate that the military has provided support to Sharif in the upcoming vote, thus affording him an advantage in a country where army generals possess significant influence in forming governments.

Economic Challenges for the Winning Party

Whoever prevails in the February 8 election will face the task of rejuvenating a stagnant $350 billion economy. Pakistan is currently grappling with unprecedented inflation and an unstable national currency, hindering opportunities for both growth and employment for the youth.

Recent Financial Support from IMF

In July, the South Asian nation received a $3-billion loan program from the IMF, narrowly avoiding a sovereign debt default. The agreement is set to expire this spring, adding further complications to the nation’s economic recovery.


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