American Security Head Austin Will Have ‘Complete Remission’ From Cancer: Physicians

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US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin Assured of “Full Recovery” from Prostate Cancer

The latest news from our source, Reader Wall, recounts that Lloyd Austin, the present US Defense Secretary, is on the promising path to a full recovery after being diagnosed with prostate cancer. His doctors, after seeing him at Walter Reed hospital for a follow-up meeting, stated his health prognosis as “excellent”.

Austin’s Controversial Decision

Secretary Austin drew criticism from numerous corners due to his decision to keep his disease hidden from US President Joe Biden for several weeks. It became more controversial when it was discovered he disclosed his hospitalization and health status to Congress and the commander-in-chief only after several days have passed since his hospitalization on January 1st for treatment-related complications.

Official Statement from the Doctors

In a statement issued by the Pentagon, Austin’s doctors confirmed that he went to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center as part of his scheduled post-prostatectomy monitoring arrangement. They assured that Austin is recovering well and his robust recovery is anticipated. His cancer addressment was executed at an initial stage effectively hence, leading his prognosis to be excellent.

Austin’s Health Journey

Austin, who is a profession-driven soldier at the age of 70, was first admitted for minor surgery to address the cancer on December 22nd, and was released the very next day. However, severe pain and nausea necessitated his readmission on January 1. The White House was not informed about Austin’s hospitalization until January 4, with Congress being declared about it the very next day. It wasn’t until January 9 that President Biden was informed about Austin’s prostate cancer diagnosis.

Austin’s First Public Appearance Since Hospitalization

Last week, Austin was discharged from Walter Reed hospital, marking an end to his hospital stay. His first public appearance since his hospitalization was made this Tuesday. He participated in an aid meeting for Ukraine via videolink from his residence. Despite Republican lawmakers’ demands for Austin’s dismissal, President Biden, expressing regret for Austin’s lapse in judgment, has expressed his continued confidence in Austin as Defense Secretary.


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