Air India Plane Redirected to Iceland for Health Crisis

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Air India Flight AI105: A Swift Response to Medical Emergency

Plagued by a sudden medical escapade midflight, Air India flight AI105, departing from Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi to Newark Liberty International Airport, had to deviate its intended route, opting for an unforeseen landing at Keflavik Airport in Iceland. It was the swift decision of the cabin crew on board the Boeing 777-300ER, Air India’s preferred long-distance aircraft for transcontinental journeys to North America, which allowed the afflicted passenger to disembark at Reykjavik and seek immediate medical aid. Afterwards, without further ado, the vehicle resumed its intercontinental journey to Newark.

Decoding the Emergency Drill

Challenging regular emergency procedure, there was no Squawk 7700 code issued by the pilots, usually put into practice to communicate emergencies. Nonetheless, swift action was taken in the interest of the passenger’s wellness, guiding the action towards the quickest possible medical intervention. The cabin crews, armed with rigorous training to confront various spontaneous in-flight situations, including medical emergencies, are equipped with an extensive first-aid kit. If the crisis escalates, support from medically equipped passengers on board is implored, eventually leaving the pilots with the last resort – a change of course.

Revisiting Air India’s Legacy of Flight Diversions

It is essential to point out that the past of Air India’s 777 fleet bears several instances of diversions. These weren’t solely privy to medical exigencies, but also technical breakdowns. A memorable diversion instance transpired on one of the airline’s 777 flights from New Delhi to San Francisco. A technical glitch forced the flight to sway off-course to Russia. This ordeal gained substantial attention as it occurred at a time when the Western world had levied sanctions on Russia due to the prevailing conflict in Ukraine.

Sketching Air India’s Characteristics

Conceived in 1946, Air India is a comprehensive service provider and holds a coveted Star Alliance membership. Under the visionary leadership of CEO Campbell Wilson, the airline predominantly caters to the Asia region, with its core operations rooted in the Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport.


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