4-Year-Old Czech Girl Achieves Remarkable Feat, Becomes the Youngest to Reach Mount Everest Base Camp

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A four-year-old girl from the Czech Republic has made history by becoming the youngest ever person to reach Mount Everest’s base camp. According to News come from source of Reader Wall, the girl named Zara managed to make the 170-mile journey to base camp at an elevation of 17,598 feet. The former world record for the youngest person to reach Mount Everest base camp was held by Prisha Lokesh Nikajoo, who was only 5 years old when she made the climb in 2023.

Accompanied by her father David Sifra and seven-year-old brother, Zara became the youngest person to ever achieve the extraordinary feat at the age of four years and five months. The daunting expedition was filled with challenges, including temperatures falling as low as -25 degrees Celsius at the Everest base camp. Despite the harsh conditions, Zara’s father emphasized the importance of careful acclimatization, monitoring blood oxygen saturation, and progressing gradually.

An Instagram account under her brother’s name confirmed the expedition’s success and also posted stunning images of the family’s epic adventure. The post added that the family is currently making their weeks-long return from the base camp.

See the pictures here:

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