31st Guangzhou Floral Fair: A Harmony of Blossoms and Creativity

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The Upcoming Guangzhou Garden Expo: Showcasing Art, Technology and Nature

February 4th ushers in a natural spectacle like none other: the 31st Guangzhou Garden Expo. This event promises mesmeric exhibitions that combine the strength of innovation with the beauty of nature, accessible until February 25th. Florae from around the globe will be on display at Baiyun Mountain, Guangzhou Children’s Park, Guangzhou Orchid Garden, and Liuhua Lake Park, with each venue delivering an unparalleled view of Guangdong’s natural magnificence.

Incorporating Emerging Technology into Nature-based Entertainment

True to the spirit of modern times, the expo will include a digitized ‘AI Check-in’ activity. By utilizing QR codes dotting the landscape, participants will be able to obtain individual ‘AI postcards’, successfully amalgamating natural beauty with digital enhancement.

Baiyun Mountain: Visual Feast of Flora

Baiyun Mountain lies at the core of the event. The place will serve as a greenhouse for 11 sets of intricate garden showcases, urban florae, and 43 groups of vibrant flower scenes from every corner of the earth. Further adding to the appeal of the mountain will be collections of local and international bamboo artworks, science-themed gardens, and artwork centered around natural seasonal themes.

A Youthful Delight and an Orchid Spectacular

The first-ever children’s flower market in the country will be launched at the Guangzhou Children’s Park. This attraction will blend learning with fun through interactive art structures and lessons curated for our young attendees. In contrast, the Orchid Garden will house a breathtaking array of orchid types and arrangements, giving participants an opportunity to delve into the essence of Chinese chic culture via immersive activities and showcases.

Acknowledging Cultural Skills and Unique Flower Varieties

Liuhua Lake Park will mirror a festival, with Lingnan traditional crafts, live performances, and a thriving marketplace. Yuntai Garden will allure with its exclusive ‘Parrot’ tulip among a sea of 100,000 other tulips. Over at the Pearl Cultural Square based in Baiyun Mountain, the Pearl Flower Market will entertain with engaging games and a one-of-a-kind ‘Plant Exchange’ initiative. Here, attendees will be encouraged to exchange their plants as tokens of the New Year, cultivating a sense of togetherness and a shared admiration for the natural world.

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