1Vision Biogas Gives Compulsory Money Proposal to Biokraft Stakeholders

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1Vision Biogas Makes Bold Bid for Biokraft International

In an important revelation from our sources, 1Vision Biogas AB, the joint venture of St1 Nordic Oy and Daytona Holdco AS, has extended a non-negotiable public cash acquisition for all shares in Biokraft International AB. The proposal, set at 20.65 SEK per share, is the result of the triumphant ownership unification by Aneo Renewables Holding AS, St1 Sverige AB, and HV Daytona Holding AS. Following the provisional approval given by competition and foreign direct investment authorities, 1Vision Biogas is expected to possess about 55.0% of Biokraft’s overall shares and votes.

Continued Progression Towards Nordic Biogas Supremacy

This action is strategic, with the aim to enhance Biokraft’s progression path as an influential contributor in the Nordic biogas market. Valuating Biokraft close to 900 million SEK, this offer represents the consolidating parties’ pledge to bolster the company’s growth. It displays a surplus over current trading values of Biokraft’s shares, highlighting the trust 1Vision Biogas has in Biokraft’s potential growth.

The Financial Structure and Its Effect on Biokraft

A significant aspect of the bidding proposal is that it is not contingent on any financial circumstances. 1Vision Biogas has crafted plans to finance the proposal via equity, a decision that provides a sense of stability and assurance to the shareholders. Before the consent period lapses, the Biokraft board will thoroughly review the offer and publish an opinion and fairness outlook.

Furthermore, the closing of this offer is not anticipated to significantly affect Biokraft’s leadership, staff, or day-to-day operations. This ensures uninterrupted operation of the company while allowing it to focus on its central business pursuits without any disruptive elements.

Stepping Towards Paris Agreement Climate Goals

With this significant deal, 1Vision Biogas plans to amplify the Nordic energy system and contribute earnestly to the climate targets set by the Paris Agreement. This underlines the commitment of both 1Vision Biogas and Biokraft towards ecologically sustainable energy and climate-oriented action. The proposal is more than a simple business maneuver; it signifies a step towards a future that is environmentally friendly and sustainable.

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