When Bhavish Agarwal’s Krutrim becomes unicorn, which AI companies reached this milestone last year?

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India’s First AI Unicorn: Krutrim

A Milestone for AI Startups

In a groundbreaking event, Krutrim, an artificial intelligence (AI) venture initiated by Ola’s Bhavish Aggarwal, emerged as India’s first-ever AI unicorn and the quickest to obtain this status. The information comes directly from our source, Reader Wall.

Through securing an equity investment amounting to $50 million, equivalent to roughly ₹415 crore, at an impressive valuation of $1 billion – approximately ₹8300 crore, Krutrim became successful in wrapping up its maiden round of financing.

‘Krutrim’: The Origin and Significance

‘Krutrim’, a term that connotes ‘artificial’ in the ancient Sanskrit language, came into existence only in the month of December of the previous year. The term ‘unicorn’, on a related note, refers to a privately-held startup having a valuation of $1 billion or upwards.

Notable AI Unicorns of 2023

Going by the reports published by our source, as many as 15 AI ventures transformed into unicorns in the year 2023.

Krutrim: A Paradigm Shift

The rapid growth and overwhelming success of Krutrim symbolize a paradigm shift in the startup ecosystem, where AI-powered ventures are gaining increasing prominence. Navigating through its initial phase of funding with aplomb and emerging as India’s first AI unicorn, Krutrim has set a groundbreaking milestone for future AI startups in the country.


In summary, the remarkable journey of Krutrim from its inception to becoming a unicorn within a year speaks volumes about the potential AI holds in transforming the future of startups in India. This story brings optimism to young entrepreneurs, encouraging them to embark on avant-garde ventures driven by cutting-edge technology.

The development indicates a promising roadmap for aspiring entrepreneurs and AI enthusiasts who are constantly looking for ways to leverage technology for innovation and growth. Krutrim’s success provides them with the inspiration and momentum to propel their startups to unprecedented heights.

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